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We did it!

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Thanks to your vote, the dedication of our amazing volunteers, and our hundreds of donors we won the primary with 80% of the vote! Voter turnout numbers showed the importance the people of our district placed on this election and the expansion of Medicaid in Missouri, which passed with 53.25% of the vote in the state and 55% in District 31. This outcome is a loud and clear message by the people that they have had enough of poor leadership. Your voice matters. But our work has only just begun and I need your help.

Now we focus every effort on November 3rd. In every way, the voters of District 31 have sent a consistent message: they want strong, compassionate, consistent and accountable leadership. I couldn't agree more.

Here's how you can make flipping our district a reality:

Join us in a Week of Action

Sept 20-26th click here to sign up for at least one of our five day event and help us get the word out to the households in the 31st district.

Donate whatever you can. The more donors we have, the stronger we are. We have more expenses coming up and we know the Republican machine will come and attack us, so we need to be sure we have mail and digital expenses covered. Donate here.

Tell your friends and neighbors about Rhonda Dolan and why you are voting for her.

Tell us you would like a yard sign here.

VOTE on November 3rd - it is the most powerful tool we have to ensure our people are protected, our budget is well managed, and our economy flourishes.

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