• Rhonda Dolan

Support the USPS

I have always loved sending letters. I love taking the time to slow down and write something thoughtful to a friend far away, putting a stamp on it, and sending it out into the world. I’ve written letters with destinations across town, across the country, and across an ocean. Each time, the USPS has worked hard to deliver them.

The USPS is crucial to our American Democracy. Many Missouri voters send in their ballots by mail, with the number likely to rise this year, as anyone can request a mail-in ballot for the November election due to COVID-19. Our founding fathers understood the importance of the post office, and even wrote it into the constitution. Today, the USPS processes 472.1 million pieces of mail a day, and serves rural communities that companies like Fedex and UPS pass over. The USPS is fundamental to the American entrepreneurial spirit, and many small businesses rely on the USPS to get their goods to their customers.

I support the USPS and know that keeping it functioning at one hundred percent is essential to our November election.

Call to Action:

  • Buy some stamps and send a letter to a friend

  • Contact your congressional representative. Find yours here.

  • Request your ballot early if you’re voting by mail or absentee.

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