• Rhonda Dolan

Onward - 2021 and Beyond

As we say our farewell to the year that was 2020, it is common to reflect, and I am confident this is truer for most of us after this very long and trying year. As I am wont to do, I wish to focus on the many points of gratitude therein. I begin with the deep gratitude I have for each and every one of you and the 9,109 people who cast their precious vote for me for State Representative on November 3rd.

While so much of 2020 has been challenging to say the very least, November 3rd was certainly disappointing across our state. And while the outcome was disheartening it was not defeating. As I do in business and with family, when things do not produce the desired results/outcomes, I reflect, gather the lessons, recognize the wins, pivot, rework the plan and then work harder.

As for the wins, we moved the needle substantially in our district and even exceeded many of our goals – fundraising and volunteer engagement to name a couple. We outraised our opponent by more than 2x and posed enough threat to the incumbent that his party poured money in negative messaging the final week of the campaign. While we were short of our vote goal, we did see very strong gains in the district from previous cycles. We also made significant strides in building stronger democratic infrastructure in the district. I ran not only for this cycle, but with future cycles always in mind. These are wins on which we will build. One of the most important ingredients in this build is YOU.

To that end, there are new and meaningful ways for each of you to stay engaged and involved in ensuring that our district and our community has true representation in all levels of government. Stay tuned and continue to watch this website on our social media pages to learn ways you can help see the outcomes and leadership you want and deserve in District 31 and throughout our state. You are not alone in this community, we have a strong and growing democratic presence and there will be increased ways for you to remain an active part of the change we deserve and help build the future you want for our community and our state.

Happy New Year to you and yours.


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