• Rhonda Dolan

No on Amendment 3

I am a fan of the straight up facts when making important decisions.

1. When you vote, your state representative is local to you - they live in your community.

2. There are 197 districts in Missouri

3. Every 10 years, the districts are redrawn to reflect the changes in population across Missouri and counts every single person in the state.

But the process allowed politicians to change those maps.

So, in 2018 we the voters (62% statewide, 70% District 31) passed CLEAN Missouri saying loud and clear we wanted our district maps to be drawn by an independent non-political map maker to ensure the most fair representation of all Missourians. Before our vote could ever be realized our elected officials overturned the voice and vote of the people they are elected to represent and passed SJ38 (creating Amendment 3 which you will see on your 2020 Ballot), making the process deeply partisan and political, trying to trick voters. If passed, Amendment 3 will likely make Missouri the most gerrymandered state in the US.

It seems our elected officials forgot two basic truths:

  1. They work for the voters, not the other way around

  2. We choose our elected officials; they do not choose us

Tell your elected officials that you meant want you said when you voted for Clean Missouri and you will not be tricked into legislation that is bad for Missourians. Vote NO on #3. And to end this trickery, cast your vote for someone who you can trust to uphold the will and the voice of the people. It really isn't that hard to do. As a matter of fact it is easier than trickery.

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