• Rhonda Dolan

No-Excuse for Making Voting Difficult

I have always loved exercising my right to vote. When my children were young, I ensured that they understood voting day as something special that they would one day get to take part in. I dressed them up in red, white and blue outfits and let them come into the voting booth with me at the polls. Going there in person with my kids was a way to impart upon them the importance of voting once they came of age. While the ritual of going to the polls was always special for me, this does not mean it is the only, or even the best way to vote. 

Currently as Americans and as Missourians, we are all working together to protect ourselves and our communities against the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a war, but not one we expected. We fight by staying in our homes and distancing ourselves as much as possible from others when we need to be out in public. “Six Feet Apart” has become the battle cry, in parks, on sidewalks and in the grocery store. Maintaining distance is the key to saving lives in Blue Springs. 

If you have ever been to a polling place, especially during busy times, you know that social distancing is often not feasible, as people cram into church hallways and school lunch rooms to do their civic duty and exercise their right. Though Blue Springs’ next election has been postponed until June 2nd, we need to take action now to ensure that everyone can vote safely now and in August and November.

We have already seen an example in Wisconsin. The state held in-person primaries in April, which led to long lines in which people tried to social distance the best they could. ABC reported at least fifty COVID-19 cases linked to the election. Even one more case is too many. It is wrong to ask Missourians to choose between their right to cast their vote and their right to keep themselves and their families safe. We need no-excuse absentee voting for all Missourians now, to protect our democracy and our health. 

Unfortunately, Republicans who report to Jefferson City with the mandate to protect us show no signs of supporting no-excuse absentee voting for Missouri, even during an unprecedented global pandemic. Fortunately, WE can tell them what we want, what we need.

Here’s what you can do to make your voice heard: 


Mike Parson (Governor): 573-751-3222

Jay Ashcroft (Secretary of State): 573-751-4936

Suggested Script: "Hi my name is _______ and I’m a resident of Blue Springs, Missouri, zip code ______. I’m calling to encourage you to support no excuse absentee voting for Missouri. It is necessary to keep our elections democratic and our people safe. Thank you."

I believe that the government works best when its closest to its people. As your State Representative, I will welcome your ideas and input, and give you every opportunity I can to use your voice.

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