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MO House Attempts to Reverse Will of Voters

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

The people of the state of Missouri sent a message to their legislators when CLEAN MO was on the ballot in the 2018 general election by passing CLEAN MO with 62% of the voters voting "Yes". In District 31, CLEAN MO passed by 69.95%.

What is CLEAN MO? In summary it limits members and staff of the general assembly to accept gifts from lobbyists valued at less than $5.00, limits sources of campaign contributions and amounts a candidate can receive from a single donor. Importantly it required political or voting districts to be drawn by a NON-PARTISAN DEMOGRAPHER.

The republican supermajority has been working this entire legislative session to overturn the strong, loud voice of the voter and this past week, during the Covid-19 pandemic voted a new bill out of committee which makes a constitutional amendment to allow for partisan redistricting or Gerrymandering. This action is unconscionable, yet it is rapidly happening. In this time where many are concerned that their civil liberties are being challenged in the name of public safety, their elected officials are working quietly and willfully to overturn the expressed will of the people. This is a violation of our most prized liberty in American - to have a voice with our vote.

Call your representative today and let him or her know that you meant what you said in your vote in 2018 and you mean it now. Then, let them know you do not like having to say something twice by voting them out of office in favor of someone who will truly represent you and your interests not just vie for personal power.

Find your representative here

If you live in House District 31, call your representative Dan Stacy at 573-751-8636

Subject: SJR 38- Legislation that would gut CLEAN Missouri

“Hello my name is [name], and I’m a constituent in your district [give zipcode].

I’m calling because CLEAN Missouri passed as a statewide public ballot initiative with 62% (69.95% in District 31) of the vote in 2018, and the Missouri Republican leadership feels they can sneak through corrupt legislation when Missourians have fallen on hard times. The voters of this state made their stance clear in 2018, and I want my representative to vote NO on SJR 38!

I will be following up with your office regarding your stance on this issue.”

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