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Meet my family

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Nothing has taught me as much about leadership than being a parent.

“Leading a household and a family is the most important job I have held and the one that has shaped me most into the strong and compassionate leader that I am today."

No parent can forget the day that title was bestowed upon them. And few if any feel fully ready to take on the challenge. Can you think of a moment in life more thrilling and frightening as that moment? I cannot. I have been nervous about a new job, a huge presentation, and dissertation defense, that interview, but nothing equates to the moment I became a parent. And no challenge seemed to hold as important of consequences.

Grace, Jack and Corinne

I am the (obviously) very proud parent to Grace, age 20, Jack, age 18 and Corinne, age 16. Raising these three people has been filled with some very long days, some scary moments, some frustration and so very much joy. We are close, but I am not their friend. I am their parent, their guide, their conscience, their challenger, their biggest fan.

Grace attends Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY where she studies Writing, Spanish, and history. She recently completed a year of study abroad in Barcelona, Spain, cut short by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Grace has interned for the Greater KC Chamber of Commerce and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City and worked at Chick-fil-A in Independence through high school.. She also serves as an RA for Sarah Lawrence and as a fundraiser for the Alumni Association. Grace is a proud graduate of Blue Springs High School where she was a member of Golden Regiment, DECA, and Speech and Debate.

Jack is a recent graduate of Blue Springs High School where he was a member of the Golden Regiment Drum Line, and the Forensics team. Jack took 1st place in State for Prose Oratory, Forensics - a first time discinction for BSHS in this category. Jack has worked for Chick-fil-A in Independence and is now works for the Blue Springs Field House as a Camp leader, child care provider and fitness assistant. Jack is also a musician and actor. He plays drums and guitar along with other instruments and is currently working on new music.

Corinne is a junior at Blue Springs High School and is a member of the Cross Country, Swim and Track and Field teams. She is a member of DECA and is currently hard at work keeping up with online school. She is active in youth group at Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church in Blue Springs and works at Culver's.

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