• Rhonda Dolan

Great American Beginnings

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

I have celebrated the fourth of July for as long as I can remember. It brings back memories of a hot sun, cool popsicles, stars and stripes and the boom of fireworks against the night sky. It is the American day- the Great American Beginning, the day we celebrate. 

But it is hardly the only American Beginning. The ratification of the Constitution was an American Beginning. Juneteenth, the day on which the last enslaved people learned that they were free was an American beginning. So was women’s suffrage and Brown vs. Board and the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2016. America is a country of new beginnings. Each law, each court case, each vote is a chance to begin again, to be better than before. 

This 4th of July remember that we all have the ability to create new beginnings for our community every day. Join me in a new beginning for Missouri. Speak up on what is important to you, volunteer and take your hope to the ballot box in November. 

Happy Fourth of July!

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