• Rhonda Dolan

Flag Day

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

From its very inception, the United States was divided. In the fight against the British rule, most regiments from different colonies fought under their own flags. They were fighting for their own liberation. They were fragmented colonies, each wanting independence. There was little to make them feel united with other revolutionary fighters they had never met, each fighting on their own battlefields, miles apart. Until 1775 when we united under one flag.      

On this Flag Day, over 200 years after the first time our flag was marched into battle, I hope we take a moment to think about what that flag meant to those first American soldiers. It gave them a sense of unity with their fellow patriots. It was a reminder that though they were men of different status, from different hometowns, they were fighting for the same thing: America. 

Right now, when the country seems more divided than any of us can remember, I hope the flag that unites us reminds us that we are all fighting for America. We may have different backgrounds, parties, and perspectives, but we are all fighting for America to be the best it can be for everyone. We are fighting for an America where all get the opportunities they deserve as citizens of this country.  An America where we all can trust our elected officials. An America of which we can all be proud-together.      

We are building that America every day. As your State Rep, I will carry into office the promise and meaning of that first American flag: unity. Not in the sense of perpetual agreement, as I will always stand up for you, my constituents, but unity in the sense that we all have a common goal: doing what is best for the people of Missouri. I hope you will join me in upholding the promise of the flag and building the America we want, the America we need. 

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