• Rhonda Dolan

Closing Thoughts

On the eve of the election I find myself looking back over the past 8 plus months and reflecting on the thousands of calls I have made to ask people what matters to them most and how thankful I am to all who chose to share with me, your neighbor. I reflect on why they shared and understand it is because we all need to be heard and when someone takes the time to ask it matters. I heard your worries, your concerns, your hopes, and your fears. I treasure each and every story and perspective. I do not agree with every position, but that is not the point of listening. Listening is an act of caring and receiving; not an act of judgement.

Our community deserves a representative who believes it is an honor to be a voice for others and to have an impact on that which will help others in everyday life. Politics has become for so very many an act of ego, positioning, self-congratulation and manipulation. I simply want everyone to have a voice and use the skills I have gained over my career and everyday life for the good of my community. It's that simple. I believe in the notion of good government and I love my community, respect the constitution, and want to do good for people here in our community. I love the idea of a truly representative government, even if we have yet to experience it fully.

For those of you who have voted already, thank you. For the rest of us, let us make voting our top priority for Tuesday. We need every single one of you to vote, all the way down the ballot.

If you have not voted but have been exposed to or tested positive for Covid-19, the Jackson County Election Board has drive-through voting behind 110 N Liberty Independence 8:30a-5:00pm. For more information you may call 816-325-4600. Call this number today and tomorrow with any questions about casting your vote in Jackson County, MO (outside of KC).

And thank you. For your time, your support, your questions, your donations and your help with our campaign. This is a team event and I am grateful that each of you is on our team.

My daily prayer is, “May I accept the outcome with grace and productivity.” That is my prayer for us all.


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