• Rhonda Dolan

As we close in on Election Day 2020

Today I watched as my oldest daughter dropped off her Absentee Ballot to vote in her first Presidential election and to cast a vote for her Mom for State Representative. I find it hard to write this without getting emotional. I have always viewed, and taught my 3 children to view, voting not only as a right, but as a privilege and as a responsibility to those who came before us and ensured us this right.

I have been a voter for 36 years and I have noticed more than ever this year just how much work has been put into limiting the right of Missourians to voice their vote. My daughter could cast her vote absentee because she is in a high risk health category specified by our State Legislature for this year due to the pandemic. This election matters so much to her, and not only because her mom is on the ballot. It matters for many reasons, not the least of which is her personal fight to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions and access to reliable, affordable healthcare.

I have talked with countless voters in our district who have named healthcare as their number one issue for this election and our representation in Jefferson City. This priority has come from people of all walks of life, the vast majority of whom are fully employed and others who have lost their jobs and health coverage due to Covid-19.

It has been my distinct pleasure running to serve as State Representative for Missouri's 31st House District these past 8 1/2 months. I have spent every single day calling and visiting with voters and asking YOU what matters most to you and your family. Thousands of you have taken the time to share your stories. For that I thank you. I have heard you.

Hundreds of you have volunteered your time because our campaign represents the change you want to see. Thank you. Hundreds of you have donated your hard-earned dollars because you know you deserve to be represented in Jefferson City and are not currently. Thank you! This is OUR campaign; it is not my campaign.

As we enter our final week before this election make sure you have your voting plan in place. Prepare to spend some time waiting to cast your all-important vote. Make it the most important task of your day. If you qualify, cast your vote early. You can vote absentee in-person everyday until 5PM on Nov. 2nd!! Visit your local Board of Elections during their normal business hours - 8:30AM - 5PM Monday through Friday. Click here to double check the address and hours and then head to the voting booth! Ask at least five friends what their voting plan is for this election and if they do not have one, help them make one. Review your ballot here before you go. Remember to vote NO on Amendment 3 as this is the reversal of OUR VOTE in 2018 to end gerrymandering in our state. And vote for Rhonda Dolan for State Representative allowing me to represent YOUR Voice in our State government.

Remember, your voice and vote matter in District 31 and Missouri. Do not let anyone tell you different. Vote for people who have your best interest as their priority.

One last ask - we still have a few volunteer spots left on Election Day greeting and thanking voters. Click here to sign up.

With Gratitude,


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