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Putting My Experience
to Work


As a mother of three, an entrepreneur and community volunteer, I have had the opportunity to see and experience many issues and struggles faced by Missourians. As a mother of a child with a chronic illness, I understand first-hand the importance of access to viable healthcare. As a business owner, I experience the need for solutions that protect citizens and promote economic development. As a citizen I, like you, wish to move the current focus away from sensationalism and division toward creating practical solutions to the challenges each of us face in our daily lives.


Raised by a single mother in a farming community, I learned early the value of hard work, honest and open communications and taking care of the land that takes care of us. I earned a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Illinois State University and a Master’s degree in Non-Profit Administration from Southern Illinois University.

My career has allowed me to provide problem solving, consultation and business development in a variety of industries including education, workforce development, real estate, agriculture and health care. Most recently I have undertaken the task of creating technology-based solution for helping companies provide meaningful life/work balance support to their employees

I moved my family to Blue Springs because of our strong public schools, community resources, its vast parks and lakes and, of course the wonderful people. Raising my children in Blue Springs was a choice and it would be my distinct honor to serve as representative for my neighbors.


I believe each and every person should have a voice in a democracy, and I am asking for your permission to be your representative in providing that voice on issues that matter to you, to me and to each of us right here in Missouri.



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